42nd International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science / 22 Haziran 2016

Distinguished Guests, dear colleagues, dear students

I am delighted and honored to welcome you all today to the 42nd International Workshop on Graph-Theoretic Concepts in Computer Science. We are particularly proud that the University of Bergen and the Research Council of Norway have chosen to work in partnership with Boğazici University to organize this event.  

I am well aware of the fact that Computer Science plays a major role in all scientific fields and Graph Theory provides a framework to model a large set of problems in Computer Science. I believe that this work shop will go a long way towards enriching this area by providing a novel forum to exchange ideas and experiences of present problems.

Boğaziçi University was originally founded in 1863 as Robert College, the first American institution of higher learning outside the United States.  Since then, and with the establishment of Boğaziçi University from Robert College in 1971, we have gone from strength to strength. We are now one of the preeminent institutions of higher learning in the world, with more than 15,000 brightest students and more than 56,000 entrepreneurial, innovative and critical-minded alumni. 
Boğaziçi University is an institution that has a very unique legacy, one that is rooted in the values and traditions of academic autonomy, scientific freedom, and independent thinking. This legacy is an integral part of its culture, which is fully committed to democratic governance, embracing and practicing liberal values that acknowledge differences and accept and respect them. This is an institution that cherishes human rights and freedoms, the rule of law and democracy, and that works tirelessly to ensure these principles manifest themselves in the real life experiences of everyone who is a part of its community.   

Just to conclude, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all of the individuals who worked hand-to-hand for the realization of this Meeting and wish you all a successful and fruitful workshop.

Thank you so much…